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Monday, 28 November 2011

Christman sale at Kent Adult Education

There will be Christmas Craft Fair at Kent Adult Education Centre at Canterbury tomorrow. It opens at six o'clock in the evening. Please come if you can.

Christmas Craft Fair at Kent Adult Education

We have attended the Christmas fair last year too. It was our first ever sale. When we woke up in the morning (it was held in the morning last year), we found snow on the ground. We were not sure if there would be a sale due to snow fall. But when we got there, everyone else was already setting up their stalls.

2010 On the day of Christmas sale

We had begginers' luck on that day.

2010 Christmas craft fair

Mike proved himself useless on that day except for driving and carrying goods. I overestimated his ability in sales. He had absolutely zero ability. I thought he has done so much shopping in his life, so he would know what he should do. Wrong!

Lynne and sally

In a small sale room, he sat on a chair with arms and legs crossed toward the entrance of the room, like a Soviet Union safeguard whom I saw in Moscow before the regime collapsed. Prospective customers had to walk away to avoid his toes. Would you believe it?  He didn't serve customers until I nudged him. And even so, he looked away from them..... All of the time, I was hot and sticky putting our ceramics out of the boxes, and making price labels, asking the customers if they need help, wrapping, and taking money, giving them changes, keeping a record and all other things needed to be done. Ha!

If there had been nobody else, I would have sharply told him what to do, or more likely I would have kicked his bottom out of the chair ! But all I could do in public was to gently suggest that he should serve the customers. Then he said 'No, I will wait until they will talk to me'. Yes, you guessed right. Nobody asked help to this unwilling guy. They all asked me helps. 
Mask, horned devil

So, when we came home, I was silent with fury! Mike was very happy and bubbling. I quietly told him what he deserved to hear at the beginning, but the, I got too angry to remain calm, so I went on a full blast at him! I also fired him a la Sir Alan!

Let's hope I don't have to go through this negative emotion this year. To be fair, he is much better already. He has helped gathering his ceramics and priced them yesterday; I did everything last year by myself. Wish us luck! 

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