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Monday, 21 November 2011

Foggy Monday and Cuttlefishlove's Kanzashi

Hello foggy Monday. How do you get your day started when fog is so thick that you really can't see three meters away?

Well, I hug my puppy... well, she is not really a puppy any longer. She is older than three year old, but we got used to call Pearl puppy because she is the youngest of the family. I try to suck all her essence of life. She tries to sniff my ears, neck and mouth. Ticklish! Then I feel a bit better. About eleven, finally fog was melted. But there is no blue sky visible, just cloud. I have taken our dogs for quick walks. I feel even better now.

Pearl, our 'puppy'

I received a message from a lady called Emily in Brighton. She said that she likes my little ceramic creatures. That is very nice! She makes beautiful flowers from silk kimono fabric and other fabric.

Kimono fabric is woven very strong, and traditionally they were re-used until they became small patchwork pieces. Kimono, unlike European clothes, are cut straight, so it is actually very easy to be remade to something new, like futon, cushions, children kimono or something else. Her site is here.   (http://www.etsy.com/shop/cuttlefishlove)

When I used to keep lots of finches, I would buy lots of cuttlefish bones for them to nibble. So her username puzzled me. lol I asked her what is the reason behind it. I haven't heard her reply yet.

Mike went to ceramic course this evening. Even he seemed a bit down. I could tell because he didn't have usual appetite. lol  He said walking in the fog makes him feel down. Ummm, we had better do some creative things to beat autumn depression.

29th October.

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