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Saturday, 5 November 2011

The one that didn't make it to the kiln.

I will show you another old photo, today. This actually didn't make it to even a kiln... She became too dry and brittle. When I placed her on the shelf for firing, The body broke from the ankle completely. She was Siren.

Because of my inexperience, I have broken several pieces before firing. I made special crates for them, but I think they became too dry. Jane, the tutor, suggested that I should try paper clay before summer, so I bought one sack at Hatfield although I haven't got round to try it yet.   

I would like to challenge a bird-style Do Goo again. Upright free standing birds are very difficult to make because they only have two feet, and heavy clay makes it unbalanced. Apparently, in reality, feathers are very light and they are actually much smaller without feathers, so, that's how they can stand upright. We live with a chicken, three parrots and one owl finch; we are truly 'bird people'. One day I would love to make some of them.  

Siren, 5th March 2011

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