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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Bushbaby, monster in the woods, faun and minotaur

Hello everyone. We had a flop on the Christmas sale. Oh well. We did post-analysis, and forgot about it.

Meet my Bushbaby. He looks so funny. If somebody could brighten up my dark autumn days it must be him! I made him on the spur of the moment as usual. When I saw his face, I knew that he is the kind of character I like to make. Funny, off-beat and some presence. When you look at him, you can't help smiling.


I intend to keep him as my companion. He took a windowsill position in our bedroom.
Chunky from side

This glaze mix took a lot of tests and time. I liked it a lot, but the results were not consistent. For example, these below are also same glaze mix, and they all look different. Monster is lighter and faun is darker coloured than the Bushbaby. Of course, Minotaur on the banner is also same glaze mix.
Little monster in the woods
Because of the inconsistency, I may not use it again.


We are bushbabies too! Can we go to your bedroom? ( No!)

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