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Monday, 14 November 2011

Birthday cards!

Card from Mimi
Thank you, Mimi!
My old friend Mimi sent me a birthday card from Japan. It is so sweet. She always sent me really cute cards. She said, when she saw this card in a shop, she knew it must be the one for this year, as she knew that I was making lots of rabbits.

Group photo

I got one from mike's brother, too. Another sweet one. So you wonder what kind of card did I get from Mike?


Ehem, he decided to make one for me, a special one for his dearest wife. He was doodling in the bed last night. Sketches? Wanna see?

Mike said this is a chameleon.

He said this is a frog.
His parrot was much better. It looked like one. The deadline for submission was extended to the end of next Sunday because he said he would need practices. So, I will report on this when he gives me the final one.

In the past I have made several handmade 'cards' for him. My favourite one was for his birthday in 2004. I made from petals, leaves and stalks in the garden on our white floor tiles, while he was out shopping. I also gave him a wreath to wear!

On Mike's birthday in 2004

in 2009, I painted the scenery of Oare marsh in Japanese ink. One day Pearl the whippet found it and literally chewed it up, and swallowed it ... tears.

ZZZ...Japanese ink was yummy....

I was happily turning the creamer that I threw yesterday during my lunch break with the melody and tempo of Blondie's 'Dreaming', .... when I thought I almost finished, the bottom part sank. Ah-oh. The clay was too soft for turning. Mike's bowls turned out to be too thick. So all went back to a clay bucket. We will soon need a bigger one, at this rate.

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