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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Chameleons, Lots of them!

When I told my old friend, Mimi, that I made chameleons, she asked 'Why?' Ah, that's a good question. I don't know why exactly, but I always liked their green colours (although there are lots of different coloured ones, of course), tails, and gangly legs. But the best part might be their tails. I like swirls. I am fascinated by the swirls of seahorses (they are called Dragon's droplets in Japan, by the way!), ferns, rams' horns and pain aux raisins!

One evening, I made one, and then I made lots!

Little Chameleon brooch
His underside is gorgeous, too! LOL

I also experimented with underglaze.
Chameleon brooch

Then I made a bigger one for paperweight.


How about stand-alone ones? I made four little ones, and one medium one.
Sweet little chameleons
My favourite, horned chameleon

Medium Chameleon

And finally a large one. This one went to fabulous artists couple, and they named him Jubjub after Simpson's wife's pet! He is about 30cm in length.


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