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Friday, 11 November 2011

Visit to Turner Contemporary

Mike, our friend, Margarita and I went to Turner Contemporary at Margate this morning. Mike found in the paper that the Queen and Prince Philip visited there yesterday. He was reading it loud to me, when local artist, Tracey Emin greeted the Queen, she asked her "Do you exhibit internationally, as well as in Margate?”

This is the largest gallery nearest to our house, and I am avid gallery & museum goer, We decided that we come anytime they change exhibitions. It is about 30 minutes by car. So we decided to give our friend is interested in contemporary art a ride anytime we come here.
Dreamland car park
Unused jet coaster rails

Mike found this car park in his most genius way. Dreamland was apparently once an amusement park, but now unused and derelict. We could see rusty jet coaster rails in the distance.

Approaching to Turner Contemporary

Last time when we came, it was a glorious day with blue sky. Today we have no such a good luck.

'Welcome, Margarita, Mike and Midori!'

But when I found this large seagull chick was waiting for us next to the gallery, my heart suddenly brightened up. I love birds! What a pretty pattern she has got!

Here is Rodin's 'The Kiss'. This one is quite large. I have seen other 'The Kiss' over the years. This one reflected in the infinite mirrors, appeared to me to have added another dimension. My applaud to the curator.

This is the first floor at the landing. 'The Kiss' and this part are only exhibits we are allowed to take photographs of.

Mike and Margarita looking out grey sea.

There are much more exhibits this time than the last time. Theme is 'youth'. I quite liked off-beat 'On the balcony' by Peter Blake.

I also liked a large portrait of a blond girl, but forgot the name of the artist. Let me know if you know.

There are some big names too. A Hockney, (I like the colours), Henry Moore, of course, several small Turners, etc. An elderly lady watching a small Moore's sculpture, 'Girl with clasped hands', turned back and whispered to me, 'It's Henry Moore'. Then we discussed why the sculpture looks very masculine, and exchanged our opinions on her hair style. I like Turner Contemporary's this casual atmosphere. I think it is very much the style of this corner of Kent.

Another view of 'The Kiss'.
A nice display.

A plaque I found at the entrance. 

After lunch at the cafe, we were going to trot back to dreamland car park. Then I found this dog waiting for his owner. The flags were for the Queen's visit. There were still here and there.

'Master, are you coming back yet?'

More flags

When I was younger, I was a sort of classical old painting loving girl. I have spent most of my holiday abroad visiting galleries and museums. I have been to most of the best ones in the world, except for Boston and Hermitage, as well as small exquisite ones.

As I get older, I started having more interest in contemporary art. I like to see something I have never seen. I love to be surprised. I like to know how other people see world.

Our day out is usually schedule with our dog walking routine. We had to come home by about three. Once back home, we walked dogs, fed parrots, checked on Mochacino the lonely finch, and Pupmkin the chicken, and then dashed out to town for errands. We went to Madame Oiseau, our favourite chocolaterie for my birthday (next Monday!), a bank (already closed) and a super to do grocery.

When we came back, my calves were tight. Getting old...? I need a couple of nights to digest what I have seen in Margate.

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