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Sunday, 20 November 2011

BLue sky, cheese washed by brandy 11 times and throwing

Maple leaves

Hello, this weekend was sunny and uplifting!

Beautiful tree in the University

I usually struggle from SAD in both October and November. I felt something dark and heavy was coming over my head last Friday. Suddenly I can't wake up at usual time in the morning. I started losing focus on my work as well. Sunshine blasted off the heavy feeling.

Starlings on sliver birches

Saturday, we went to bank, Boots, Asian food shop and super, where we found 'Bert Eppoisses Bourgogne'cheese. It is typical French cheese with rind washed, but this was washed by brandy 11 times! We bought the last piece, and it was so soft, and a sharp knife was needed to be lifted from the board. We bought a petite Parisian to go with it. Lovely smell and nice taste. although dish washer became smelly too after we put the plates we ate cheese on in.

Bert Eppoisses Bourgogne

In the evening I threw a tea cup, a jug and a saucer that our friend Cynthia wants. She bought one of my coffee cups in the Open House. This saucer is for the cup.

Matching coffee cup and creamer
My uplifting Jet pic!

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