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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A la Vogue, new face pendant listing and still broken Royal mail website

Hello! yesterday evening, I did some photo shoot a la Vogue!

Face series
Aren't they pretty? I finally started having a feeling for shooting photographs and setting up a shop. I did enjoy this photo shoots. Yes! it is so important to enjoy the process.


I bought this silk purse a long time ago, so long that I don't even remember when it was. These three silk roses were made for my wedding dress by my mother.

My mother is good at sewing even though she has never formally learnt. She understands how to make things when she looks at finished products. Mike is also similary talented, not in sewing though, but engineering. He can make things from scratch.

Royal mail website is still down, believe or not! after 48 hours. So I still can't list my new items into my Etsy shop, except for one face pendant, which is same postage as other face pendants.

New listing
She is so cute!
 I love this girl's face. She looks so cute! I made lots of funny faces, but she is one of my beauties.

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