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Thursday, 17 November 2011

My sentimental rabbit carol singer

Carol singer

I made this rabbit for myself. Having said that I made everything for myself. Last year I made small carol singers, a rabbit and a piglet, size of thumb, for our Christmas. The image came from the Wind in the Willows. I always liked the illustration, especially that of young animals singing carol. 

It's so cold at night. You knock the small door, and there Ratty and Mole appeared, offering you a hot chocolate! You stared regaining the feel in your icy hands. The ice on your whiskers started melting. I could almost smell the chocolate.

Last November, we collected the little pair of carol singers in the evening before the Christmas sale at KAE. On the day heavy snow fell, so we hurried up to the site. Before going, I quickly picked them up and wrapped them up and took them to the sale. A very kind looking lady smiled at them, and she bought them and one of my snow plate. I was so glad they went to a nice home. I liked her face so much that I wanted to be her friend instantly. 

 I didn't have time to see them in detail in daylight or to take photographs of the little pair. 

The first thing I made after Christmas was this rabbit singer and piglet in much a larger scale the original ones. He is about 18cm high. Sadly, the piglet didn't make it to kiln.

I exhibited him at Open House, and several people commented fondly on him. He was for sale there, but nobody bought him. We will go to Christmas sale this year again on the 29th November. I haven't decided if I would take him. Probably I will. But I am happy in either way. If he stays with us, the first thing I would do after Christmas is to make his companion piglet. This time I will be very careful in drying process. And on a snowy night, I might offer them tiny cups of hot coco, just like in the book.

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