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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Face series accesorries were born by chance.

My face series was not planned, but born by a chance. I made a tiny face to run a test for the underglaze. Clair in our ceramics course, saw it and liked it. She suggested I could make a brooch from them. Actually, when I made it, I told Mike the same thing. But his reply was, Ahem, 'It looks too spooky'. I couldn't wholly deny the spookiness of the face then. But having found the similar mind, I ventured into a new sphere. Ta-da! Accessory making.

At first, I made four male faces as a test. I liked them, and I enjoyed making them. They are small, about size of 50 pence coin, but it took a long time for me to make, and even a longer time to decorate in detail.


Then, I began to expand to female faces. Some have hair, some have big cheeks, and some have big eyelashes. It was very absorbing. In the end, I made about 30.

Then, the problem arose. I had no experience in making any accessories. I had never touched beads even. To be honest, I had never interested in beads and handmade accessories because I felt they were too girlish! LOL But, I remember Sally, the manager of Kent adult education, once told me that one lady sells findings etc in town. So I found her shop, and asked questions, and bought some parts.

They are my first 'products' on my Etsy shop. They are small and lightweight, so it should be easy to pack and ship. That was my rationalisation.

'My best friend'
Although I have never modelled anyone while I was making, one of them resembles one of high school friend! I only discovered the resemblance recently. There was a big Reunion for our grade in Japan, and he was organising the event, and I have exchanged emails with him, and saw photographs of his speech there. 'Oh Gosh, I made him without knowing', that's what I mumbled in front of my PC, looking at the photos!

'I am a real dog, not ocotopus'

In an email, he said 'I was told at reunion that my friend and I were nicknamed 'Squid and Octopus duo' behind us. Why was I octopus?' It is a difficult question to answer in any means, specially after about 3o years. (Don't calculate my age...)  You know, teenage girls are renowned for their cruelty especially when it comes to boys in the same class. So I quote one of my best friends, 'Well, I think he looked like one!' 

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