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Saturday, 3 March 2012

My new Faces - No, I didn't go to plastic surgery

Hello everyone! Did you have a good week? I have had a busy week again. My day work has been a bit busy recently. I have also looked after our beloved two dogs and three parrots during daytime, as usual. At coffee breaks, I needed to work on pricing on shipping costs on my Etsy shop because I changed my currency from USD to UKP to decrease exchange risks. Each day just passed without much thoughts!

Spooky? But they are actually cute in natural light.

Today, I spent decorating these girls. Concentration is required to decorate them, but very satisfying. I enjoy making faces so much. I am going to hang them in picture frames, once they are fired. if they are really good, I might put them for sale.

It became sunny this afternoon. Pearl is preoccupied to find a cat.

Last weekends, we listed our ceramic works as well as Mike's memory chips on ebay. Incredibly listing took me about 10 hours. Yes, 10 hours. I had worked solid preparing listings at my PC a whole Sunday. Taking photos, editing them, listing each item, and calculating shipping costs, converting measurements to UK units (I am 'gram-metre-litre' person) and reviewing them was a long job, indeed. Some auctions will end tonight, and others tomorrow night. So far, three items have bids, and I hope they go well. Fingers and toes crossed! See you tomorrow!

Where is a cat?

The moon and silver birches

We went to the University to borrow books. This is one of sculptures on campus. Nicknamed 'E.T.'.


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