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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Rabbit mask inspired by Warhol

Hello everyone. It has been a cold day. Mike said that he saw a bit of snow when he took dogs for short walks this afternoon. I got a chill, so I have stayed indoor all day. I have reclaimed porcelain and white stoneware clay. Reclaiming clay is a messy job. First dry clay, next re-hydtrate it, then wait until it becomes even consistency and good softness/hardness to be usable again. I threw an unusual shaped bowl on the potter's wheel with the reclaimed porcelain clay. I will turn it tomorrow.

This rabbit mask was fired before the Christmas, but I only saw it last Friday. Studio technician was off sick just before the holiday; so the kiln was only emptied last week. It looks spooky. I wanted to express vast emptiness of 1980's consumerism, but he now looks like bronze or burnt and exhausted from its materialism. Some readers might remember that this rabbit has a upheaval history. I originally wanted to make him white, but 'the white slip' I used was polluted, it became sky blue instead. It was terribly patchy and ugly too.
Inspired by Warhol's  'Diamond dusted shoes'  by Midori Takaki

Rabbit mask  by Midori Takaki
In sharing the studio, this kind of things do happen, and we just have to get on with it! So I over-paint it with chocolate brown underglaze. Mike was right. It has definitely improved.


  1. He's on the brink! Maybe even already on the downward. He makes me feel too sad to look at him for long. Beautiful colouring.

  2. Hello Patricia. This rabbit has had a peculiar life, indeed. Instead of white, he did become blotchy blue, and then bronze. His life was once drifted away from me, the creator, but in the end he returned to me. I am not sure if he could have had as much impact as this, if he were white.