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Friday, 11 January 2013

The scent of Honey suckle and Sidney Cooper gallery

Hello everyone. It has been dark, misty drizzly and frosty recently. It's typical winter weather for Kent. Nonetheless, not everything is gloomy; the perfume from our winter flowering honey suckle is so beautiful that we almost forget we are in the middle of winter.We planted it near the front door.  It has stronger perfume in evenings.

Winter flowering honey suckle
Yesterday evening we went to a private view for 'From Grimm to reality' at Sidney Cooper gallery, which is owned by Christ Church Canterbury University. My classmate, Harriet works there. There are lots of etchings by David Hockney. I like many of his ones. But the one I like most is a series called 'Misfortunes of a sardine' by Ana Maria Pacheco. This reminds me of fish faced human figures by Bosch. It has a medieval feel about it. Mike was very interested in the stuffed chicken wearing real rabbit hat (ears intact) and rabbit leg warmers. It is very bizarre but strangely sweet.    

Are you interested? more details are here.

The etching by Ana Maria Pacheco

I went to the studio late afternoon today. It was the first time this week. All bisque firing went well. No cracks and chips. Phew! The Paper Crown looked better, but I am going to send him to another firing. I have glazed two little rabbits, and started glazing pots. Reduction firing will be on the 24th. So I have lots to do before that.

The vase I threw last weekend

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