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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Right-brain, another world and photo session

Hello everyone. It has been stormy here in Canterbury. Yesterday I had a very productive time, glazing in the studio. I felt so good. This month I am testing glazing techniques and glazing/finishing the work I had created before Christmas. I am also throwing little pots with porcelain clay. Some time a go, I found that I can't create figures and glaze/finish at the same time. I think it is because creation requires my right side brain, and glazing/finishing the left side brain. If I immerse myself in creation (I often do), I tend to be dysfunctional in ordinary activities, like writing essays, listening to someone and glazing/finishing. I also lose a bit of speech ability, although I mutter to myself a lot. (it sounds mad, doesn't it?) The worst is that I keep losing a track of other people's talks, especially a tutor's during classes (my eyes and ears are wide open, but my mind is completely somewhere else in my own world. Once I come back, I have no idea how long I have been absent.) There is also a negative impact on my day work, which requires constant logic and analysis.

So, my solution is this: I divide my time into two categories. The right-brain time (creation and imagination) and the left-brain time (all others, including throwing pots on a wheel). It seems to work well, so far. As I mentioned above, I have created a lot of work for three months before Christmas. Then, in January I switched to left side brain mode, to deal with glazing/finishing, day work, preparing for essays for my course and throwing pots an a wheel. (Yes, throwing pots is left-brain activity to me.) Even so, I slip into another world now and then. But I consciously return to the present, so that I won't lose those abilities attributed to the left-brain.

I mentioned in the previous post that I have taken some new photos of my work. When I had a chat with Carolyn Genders, she said that my 'Out of sorts III' looks much better in reality than in the photo. My customers and clients tell me this all of the time. Carolyn suggested that I should use a neutral background. So I did.

'Waiting for next bang' by Midori Takaki

Waiting for next bang

  I hope he looks better than before.



  1. I think with either the dark or light background he looks good, but the pedestal he sits on in the dark background is distracting to my eye. I do like the first photo best, something about the angle of the head.

    1. Linda, thank you so much for your input! Greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi Midori....I just found you via Linda; lots to explore here!

    1. Hello Suzi. Welcome aboard! I saw you have a cat and a dog. We are also animal family. : ) Your avatar pot is lovely! I love your brushes. I'm also brush-holic!