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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Sleeping dog, trotting chicken and shooting wall masks

Hello everyone. I did my apprenticeship with two ladies in the studio. They were doing reduction firing in the gas kiln, which includes lots of my work. ( Yes, I am piggy-backing). My Antelope went in, but the Harpie and Double Act didn't. If there isn't space for them in the next reduction firing, I definitely have to do by myself, otherwise, they won't be ready for my presentation in March.

We have had some sunny days this week. Dogs sleep whatever the weather, and Pumpkin the chicken is happily trotting around. Pearl looked annoyed to be disturbed when I focused on her. But she didn't move.
'She is taking a photo again!'
Pumpkin looks perkier and happier. She is pecking my jacket when I clean her house out, like she used to do. We welcome the return of her reign, Pumpkina Britannia!

Pumpkin in our potage
On bright days, I started taking photos of my ceramics. I just found that the wall masks look much better when standing up, as they were meant to be. So I have to make some easy structure to prop them up. Here is the one I did earlier this week. It is Tree spirit, a test piece for a new clay, which I made last year.
Tree spirit, a wall mask 
I also re-shot the answer was in the box. This time his head was propped up. There seem to have more depth in the image. He looks very different from different angles. He shows different emotion anytime you look at him. It's perfect attribution for the wall mask.
The answer was in the box, Midori Takaki 
Taken from the above- flat looking.


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