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Thursday, 21 February 2013

A message from a lovely customer and reduction firing

Hello everyone. How was your day? I went in the studio 8:50 for reduction firing and came home at five. The day flew by! But, first I want to share my joy of reading a message from a lady who bought a little rabbit I made. She wrote; 
"Really reminds me of this little mouse I made as a child but dropped it and broke it, I suppose the rabbit can be his replacement! ( and I can assure you I won't be dropping it again )
Really lovely, I love it, Thanks a lot!"
This made my heart warm. I know the rabbit will be loved. I feel so happy for him and the lady. I feel as if I were the mother who sends her child to the big world for the first time.

The little rabbit
One of the reasons why Etsy and other similar shops are popular is because artists and makers can connect with customers via what we create by hand with love. It is true that we put our love and joy into what we create. I do. So I get worried if my work has traveled safely, or whether they will be loved in their new homes. I also give them nicknames even though it would make me more difficult to part with them. That's why you feel warmth when you touch handmade work, be it art or craft. That's why they are still popular in this digital age.


I have taken a photo of the packed kiln with my nexus, so the quality of image is poor, but here it is.

A nicely packed gas kiln. 
During reduction firing, I have to record temperature and other details every 15 minutes, so there isn't much time to do anything much, but in the afternoon, I did some glazing of this chap, 'Waiting for the next bang II'.

Waiting for the next bang II'
    It was a productive day. I hope yours was too!


  1. What a sweet little rabbit and good luck with your firing. It really is wonderful to get notes from customers, what nice start to your day.

  2. Thank you, Linda. Yes, I love reading messages and feedback from customers. They give me so much drive and happiness. : )