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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Progress on Harpie, a little white line and Pumpkin

Hello everyone. I have been off-colour recently, so I am slowly doing ceramics at home.

Last Saturday I finished this face. It is going to be the second face for Harpie. The main part is going be reduction fired next week.
Harpie face
Last night I made a plinth, an unusual one, for the Harpie. Although I call it a plinth, it is not going to be weight bearing. It will hide a steel rod which will support the sculpture. 

A plinth
Some people remember that I recently bought a new camera for my ceramics. The day after the camera arrived, I took about 30 photos with the wrong setting. Clever readers like you would soon notice that the white bar on the left is the place for setting, but I didn't! I somehow set 'tulip' to the position of 'ON', opposite to the real place. So I unintentionally set for 'Av'. According to Mike, it happened to be fine for what I was doing. I used to ridicule my parents for their tech unawareness when I was young. (My father doesn't know how to use fax machines. My mother is not completely sure how to 'copy and paste'!) Now I should start worrying myself!

I couldn't see the little white line! 

Pumpkin has begun eating mortar on the house again. This only means one thing - that she will start laying before too long. Her tail returned and her feathers are getting prettier everyday. Her comb and wattles will become much darker and the last pin feathers on the neck will unfurl within days. Then, she will return to her throne to peck us around!  We can't wait!

Pumpkin shot by Mike



  1. Can you get Pumpkin some calcium rich food, is that why she pecks the mortar, craving something in the diet? I keep my camera on automatic and can just barely get by with my digital. I hope you show more about the mechanics of your metal rod and plinth - I have a sculpture I made eons ago sitting in the cabinet and could never figure out what to do with it. Perhaps I'll get it out and have a look at it again one of these days. Harpie has a very intriguing face, looking forward to seeing the completion.

    1. Hi Linda. Pumpkin has layers' organic pellets (high in Ca), crushed egg shells and oyster shells, but she likes mortar best! lol I will read instructions on camera before too long. Then I will shoot really pretty photos(I dream!). There isn't anything mechanical about the rod! it's just a steel rod with a base. : ) Once it is made after the body gets fired, I will share it. Unless it goes banana in the kiln. (I hope not)