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Sunday, 24 February 2013

My favourite reduction fired bowls

Hello everyone. We had a cold weekend and stayed home happily. I took the photos of recent works yesterday. Porcelain cups look flat on the photos; that made me feel flat, too. I have asked Mike for help; he used to be a hobby photographer with a dark room, when I met him. Despite gloomy daylight, he could manage to take much better photos than I did.  So I listed a couple of the my porcelain items on my Etsy shop. I will list the rest gradually over the week. So if you are interested in, please check them out.

Friday afternoon, I unloaded the gas kiln which I did reduction firing the day before. They are successful. I fired lots of Japanese style bowls with beautiful Shino and pine ash glazes, which I made by myself. While I was unloading them, I suddenly became homesick; I was thinking something like, this pot would be great as a rice bowl, or the pot would look lovely with the stew my mother used to cook and so on. From there, the memory flooded me. It was my rare moment to be sentimental. Japanese ceramics are one of a few Japanese things I miss a lot. There are nothing like them in England.

Here are some of our work fresh from a kiln! This bowl is our most favourite. I used our new Shino glaze, which came out much redder than ordinary Shino. I would like to have the stew in this!

My favourite - Thrown by Mike. Decorated by Midori with celadon, Shino and pine ash glaze. Dia. 15 cm
Foot ring

The next is a rice bowl. Outside has banding. White rice would look delicious in this bowl, I imagine!

Thrown by Mike and decorate by Midori.
A lovely rice bowl

This is another bowl with Shino, but different one.
Thrown by Mike, decorated by Midori.  Good for salad! Dia. 15 cm

This little piece is my test. I used celadon. It appears like mint ice cream with chocolate pieces!
Test piece thrown by Midori 

Mint ice cream with chocolate chips !

This would also make a nice salad bowl. I need a better picture!

Thrown by Mike and decorated by Midori

Inside. A reduction fired bowl



  1. Sweet bowls, my favorite is the test bowl, I love mint chocolate chip ice cream. Ha.

  2. Thank you, Linda. The test piece turned out nice! I didn't expect much, to be honest.: )

  3. Midori, beautiful bowls! I love the red. Have you used a dark clay body or is that a surface treatment to get the matt dark brown?
    Sorry you are missing home. Japan is a country I would love to visit.

  4. Also ..... about printmaking, look at Bridget Farmer's work


    1. Hello, Patricia. Thank you! They are ordinary grey stoneware clay without any treatment. Reduction firing changed grey clay to warm brown depending on firing and also on their position in the gas kiln. I love them so much that I am going to do more reduction firing before the summer break. I hope you can visit Japan soon! I can point where to visit to see lovely ceramics! : )

      Thank you so much for the link. My first finches were Zebra finches! I am glad to see them! Her etchings look different from what I have seen before. The lines look softer and warmer. I like her various birds and goats. Also I realized that there are different types of etching. Do you do most of them?

    2. Hi Midori, I have only done acid etching of metal plates but the acetate looks easier - with no acid - I would like to try it myself.

    3. Hi Patricia! Thank you for reply! : ) I was reading earlier posts on your blog. Your ceramics have delicate lines, like some prints I know. Your painted porcelain bowls show the sensitivity of the lines, which printers have. It's so wonderful to combine two types of art into one!