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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Decoration on porcelain cups

Hello everyone. It was a quiet Sunday. I am still having aches from yesterday's printing workshop. Only strenuous thing I have done was walking dogs!  You might laugh, but our Pearl walks like this when she thinks there is a cat around! I am pulled along, quite often!

'I am a girl trapped in a dog's body'
Mike was busy vacuuming the house. I have taken photographs of my wall masks for my shop at Etsy, as well as presentation I will give next month. Then I did finishing on my porcelain cups and Mike's bowl.

Left and middle are my cups.  The bowl is Mike's 
I am not sure how yellow and blue underglaze will come out on the cup in the middle, so I chose tested black and red on other two. The bowl has also decoration inside. We will glaze them tomorrow and will fire them sometime this week.

Inside decoration

Mike threw two large dishes on a potter's wheel yesterday. He was turning and trimming them this evening. Mike likes making bowls; he is good at it. Jane, the ceramic studio technician, is a fan of his bowls. She already has three of his bowls. She told him that she would like to buy one of his large bowls or chargers. That's nice!

They are ready for turning. 

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