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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Red Riding Hood wall hanging

Hello everyone. I have been working flat out here in my office and the studio. I was so engrossed with essay writing, I lost a track of the day! So when I went to the studio on Thursday I believed that it was Friday! I gained another day!

I finally sent the big head to glaze-firing yesterday. I will see the result tomorrow afternoon. I will be likely to fire it again quite soon because I will take it to an assessment on the 12th June. I forgot to take a photo of it. He is the largest sculpture I have ever made, as I usually like making smaller works. As I am tiny, I can't see him properly unless I climb up on some steps, to look down him. Still I can't get a full picture of him.  

My first Red Riding Hood was finally done. Ta-da! It is going to be a wall hanging. I will list it on my Etsy shop once I finish the essay! ( It's due to 18th June) She is my favourite!

Red Riding Hood 
Ah it is so nice to write the blog! I really want to finish my essay as soon as possible. But my fear is becoming real. It is a 6,000 words essay; now I have written about 8,000 words. Uh-oh, it is becoming like a dissertation. I may trim it down, but may not. I will see. Talk to you, soon!  


  1. Oh crikey - I remember dissertations - living, sleeping and breathing the words in the hope that everything has been covered in an eloquent manner - poor you! LRR looks great though and looking forward to seeing your new piece x Jane

    1. Hello Jane. 20 years have passed since I wrote my last essay. I just can't get into grooves! I need to contain it, but chose rather a grand topic for a 6,000-word essay. I just keep writing, and it is getting longer (perhaps too long..). A bit of red wine and strong coffee keep me going. : ) Thank you. While I waited for the big head to become cool enough in the studio this afternoon, I finished three pieces, which had been on my shelves for months. I hope I can share the pictures of them soon. : )