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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Bulls and dogs at Art in Action

Hello everyone. Mike and I visited Art in Action near Oxford and Oxford Ceramics Gallery in Oxford city centre to see John Maltby's sculptures today. It is about 2 hour's drive from Canterbury to Art in Action. (Mike does all driving.)

I have taken lots of photos, but today I will share the photos of animals, mainly dogs we saw in the show.

At the entrance, there are young bulls play headbutting each other. I seldom have a chance to see cows in Canterbury, let alone bulls. One of them came close to me while I was taking this shot. He observed me and sneezed loud. That surprised me so much that I literally jumped up with a little scream. Everyone watching the bulls laughed!

Young bulls head butting

Although we didn't take our dogs to the show because Pearl doesn't enjoy travelling by car, but we saw lots of dogs there. This is Lottie. The owner, the gentleman in blue polo shirts called her, she somehow looked up to me, and came toward me to be taken for a walk! He had to come to us to take her out for a walk. She was too sleepy to recognize her owner, perhaps.  

Lottie wanted to walk with me!

This one looked a bit miserable. Look at his feet! Where are my mum and dad?

I am alone...
 This greyhound is... ceramic! It is a lovely work by Brendan Hesmondhalgh.

This lady caught my eyes. She is probably in her late sixties, or early seventies. She has fabulous gladiator sandals with shorts. The way she walks her dog is so cool! 

As whippet owners, we keep finding whippets, of course. This handsome dog is blue, which a shade of grey. 

I am shy. I don't like crowds. 
He was a show stopper! Look at him! His owner sells natural soap in the market tent. He sits on the empty box and posed for me!
Do you want some soap?
 Very briefly the sun came out. He looked hot.
 People are walking dogs outside tents.

Some are doing a picnic in the orchard with a bottle of wine. This whippet looked so happy there.
Picnic in the orchard
We kept bumping into this wispy lurcher. He is very well behaved dog.

This Afghan hound is a man! : )

This is a huge dog. He is very a well-behaved gentle giant. He must have been happy that it was a relatively cool day.

That's is today. More reports on Art in Action and Oxford tomorrow! 


  1. hi Midori,
    Oh this was fun !
    I enjoyed seeing all the dogs , and the Afghan hound haired man LOL
    That ceramic greyhound was fabulous ,wasn't it !

    1. A funny thing is that people tend to choose dogs, which are similar to themselves! The man appeared to be on the borderline of humans and beasts! : D

  2. I love your Dog tour! And also that greyhound sculpture, very beautiful. That lady in the gladiator sandals has wonderful style doesn't she? So nice to see older ladies dress with imagination. I used to have an Afghan Hound many years ago .... and yes I had long shaggy hair in those days which was blonde streaked like he was. Ha ha! Minerva x

    1. Glad to know that you enjoyed the dog tour! : ) I love Afghans, but can't bear grooming the hair! My own gets tangled sometimes! Hahaha! Yes, the lady was rock'n roll! It's a bit like Debby Harry. So cool!