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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Visit to Art in Action

Hello everyone. As we drove into Oxfordshire, we kept spotting Red kites over the motorway yesterday. We have never seen one yet in Kent. According to Mike, the population became small after they were killed by farmers, but now they have started increasing in number; they have spread from Wales east, so one day we will see them here in Kent, too. As they are rare to us, we started counting them. From Heathrow to Art in Action site, we saw twelve.

Red kite
It was luckily cloudy. It was the best weather for us to travel by car, as well as for our birds at home .

In painting marquee we both liked Lottie's owner, Cheryl Culver's works. She does pastel, but the surface looks metallic and they remind me of Klimt's colours.

Then we visited the International marquee. They are from Egypt. I like the way Arab people depict horses. You can feel their respect and love to the animals. I think horses are their pride.

Beautifully stitched.
In contrast, this is this humorous donkey one. I would have thought that they were made by women, but actually by men.

We visited sculpture next. Have you seen a seahorse rocking chair before? It is beautifully carved, 

This caught my attention. Cool Viking! It is for the ship. 

In the same marquee, we found ceramic artist, Brendan Hesmondhalgh, whom I mentioned yesterday.  



 There are lots of wildlife artists. Simon Griffiths makes birds.


In the showcase marquee, we were impressed by this paper cut by Sarah Morpeth.

Sarah Morpeth

By same artist.

 One of the newcomers had this display. As we are eating our courgettes almost everyday, we had to laugh!

In the same marquee, there are sculptors made with straw and probably clay slip.


We had a slice of orange almond cake and cappuccino. Then we went to the garden for rest. There were very colourful summer flowers.

Then we went to printing and ceramics. But there are no photographs even though we liked printing best. There were lots of demonstration in printing, we watched each very carefully. Mike and I want to try lino cut this summer.  

Two ladies print etching on real dried leaves. The project is called Tree Portraits. They were beautiful and I spent a long time to admire their works. You can see their collaboration in their websites. Buckmaster and French.


  1. Just had a dream about sea horses, love that one and the raven and of course the flowers, what a great show.

    1. Really! How unusual! : ) We had a great time. Lucky it wan't hot!

  2. Sounds as if you were slightly close to me, would be wonderful to meet one day when one us us are on our travels. What a fabulous exhibition too, I love the raven and the hare especially and the paper cut is magnificent. We have Kites over our cottages, a young one often flies quite low and looks at our cats scaring them into the studio where I work in the garden.
    Minerva x

    1. Oxford is the farthest I could manage on a day trip by car. When you come to Canterbury, please let me know. I would love to meet you! : ) I saw on twitter that the paper cut took the best award. It was lovely! I saw one Kite very low over a house from car that day. I was telling Mike that it must be looking at a cat or dog to eat for lunch! ; ) Beautiful birds!

  3. I would have totally enjoyed this ~ all of it including the kite sighting ! Love the share.

    1. It was fun and cool! I wish it were a bit nearer. : )