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Thursday, 25 July 2013

The most beautiful evening walk I have ever had in Canterbury

Hello everyone. We have done a lot today. We visited an open day at the Iron Age archaeological site in Kent University. After early dinner, we were watching South East BBC news about it at home, then they said that there would be special bell ringing from 6:30 to 9:30 in the evening at Canterbury Cathedral, to celebrate the birth of Prince George. 'Let's go to hear the bells ringing.' I suggested. We took Pearl with us and went to city centre to stroll. It was the most beautiful evening I can remember in Canterbury.

Cathedral from North Gate
The evening light reveals different faces of familiar buildings. Although I have often walked this street for about 20 years, I didn't remember seeing old timbers above this traditional jewelry shop near the Cathedral gate.

Discovery of lovely architecture in a familiar street

 I can't recall the sky has been as blue as this in Canterbury. It did look as if it were a Mediterranean sky!

Beautiful architecture

Bell ringers are ringing in this tower. I could see ropes moving from the window. 
I usually forget how beautiful the Cathedral is. But when I see it close, I feel overwhelmed by the magnificence.

I love church bells. The repetition is so soothing, almost hypnotising.

Side View

Thankfully dogs were allowed to be inside the Cathedral grounds . While I was taking photos, Mike and Pearl were patiently waiting for me on the bench. She has never entered the Cathedral before. So this was her first time. She is officially a Cathedral city dog now.  

Midori is taking too many photos!
After listening to the bells about 20 minutes, we headed back home. We walked back along riverside. 

River Stour
Pearl was happy as it became much cooler. An American lady at a restaurant near the Cathedral asked us if she is greyhound or whippet. She seemed to fall in love with Pearl. : )

River walk


  1. Oh I love strong architecture, lovely shots thanks for the tour.

    1. Glad you liked it. It was unforgettable evening! : )

  2. Clapping wildly ....sorry I tend to do that when excited ;)
    This post had me right there with you admiring it all ~ including lovely Pearl !
    How lovely.

    1. Because the sun sets into north west during this time of the year, unusual places are lit up in evenings (it get really dark about ten here). So we had lots of discoveries. We are having the hottest summer, for England, that is, since 2006. It's nice to be able to wear summer clothes again! : )