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Monday, 29 July 2013

Mighty caffein and new masks

Hello everyone. What a lovely start of the week! We had another beautiful day. A funny thing was that yesterday I saw someone on twitter saying that she hasn't taken sugar, carbohydrate and caffeine for a month. Whoa! I can go without sugar and carbohydrate, but not coffee. I am aware that I have a couple of cups of coffee too many. So I decided to skip my first black coffee. What happened was that Mike went to office early this morning, and didn't bring the usual tray of breakfast to the bed for me; so I went down and had a slice of sourdough bread with laughing cow cheese, a bowl of yogurt and a glass of water instead of a cup of black coffee. Then I somehow walked up to the bed and slept again, until 10:30! When I woke up with surprise I had two cups of strong black coffee.

This week I will not go to the studio as often as I would like. I have a busy week with my day work. I am not, luckily, employed, so it is totally up to me how much I work. Believe me, I work a lot! (I usually start working before eight in the bed - not today though!) I love working. After a week of a holiday, I miss my work so much that I am glad to go back to my desk. I am one of those who live to work. huh? Ceramics? I do ceramics to save my soul.

A couple of masks have been fired. They don't look good against white, but here they are. This is 'Art theory discussion'. This will be in MA show, 'Prism' in September.

Art theory discussion
One of the rabbits was fired, too. This will hit my Etsy shop shelf soon. Apparently I realised that these masks need a different background colour! (Edit: I took more photos. They look better! 30/07/2013)

Cheeky rabbit

 I have listed a few new works on my shop. I am going to list several works every week until the end of August. So don't forget to check them out once a while.



  1. both are wonderful, love the crackles on he mask and the eyes on the rabbit.

  2. Art theory discussion is wonderful! - great use of colour and contrast.
    I too need my 2 black coffees each morning.

    1. Thank you, Patricia. I had strong coffee this morning. : ) I decided that I will stick to my routine. : D