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Monday, 27 January 2014

An interesting weekend and Whippet Monday!

Aesthetically pleasing whippet! She found a home very quickly!

Hello everyone! I had an interesting weekend. I attended Kent Postgraduate Conference in Aesthetics. Aesthetics in Japanese, which, I am certain, was translated from an European word, means the study on judgement and appreciation of the beauty. It sounds something like the life of Oscar Wild. I had a vague image that it was studied by some dandy people living the most elegant lives, surrounded by the most beautiful things. Traditional Japanese aesthete was this type, as far as I am aware. But all delegates were ordinary people with very long fingers, especially males. How interesting! Why are these male students attracted to this branch of philosophy? I think there is a reason although I can't pinpoint it yet. It is their job to explore the nature of art and beauty although in the conference their focus was more on theories. It is my job to understand the people and to create work out of my understanding.

A different person has a different view. After I came home, I told Mike about my discovery of physiological characters on the men. He was half asleep. You can't imagine what he said! 'Are they like Aye-aye?' Mike, your imagination is sometimes wilder than mine!

By the way, I have also listened to all presentations given by PhD students and professors. I took note, and got some reading ideas from them. They are smart and friendly people from the best universities.  

In the conference everyone had name and the name of universities. I had this. How nice!

It is good to be described as an artist. Most people think that I behave and talk in a strange manner because I am artist. Thus I feel so free! Yes, I am a bit strange...

Yesterday evening, I received a good news. My first ever application to exhibit in an art fair was accepted. How lovely! But I was offered a much larger space than I requested. Mike and I had thought about it, and decided that it is a positive problem. : )  Apparently I have to make more pieces of work for the fair, nearly twice as many. Can I do it? Yes! So I have just started on them today.

Work in progress

For a while, I won't have much time to make my small 'people'. But then I have made a dozen rabbits last week, and I have also a few owls and several masks to be listed in my lovely Etsy shop. The little whippet went to a a lovely lady in US this morning, so I have listed two bronze-gold glazed whippets in my shop this evening. So watch the space. They all should line up in my shop front by March. (As I typed this, the larger whippet was also gone! It's my whippet day!)


  1. so glad 2014 is starting on such a positive note for you :)

    1. Thank you, Anna. I hope you have great 2014, too! : )

  2. Happy Whippet Day, Midori !
    Now, I wish you good luck with your work for the fair :)

    1. Thank you, Ilona! I hope there are more whippet days in a week! :D
      I hope there will be beginner's luck! : )