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Sunday, 12 January 2014

PV at Mascalls gallery

Hello everyone. I had a splendid day yesterday! In the afternoon, we went to PV at the Mascalls gallery. When we arrived, we found some of my work were already sold. How lovely!


The exhibition looked great. Even though we saw it the day before, it felt different when lots of visitors were around. Having visitors is the last piece of the puzzle in a gallery space. We have looked at each work carefully again. I liked Running Bird by Bernard Meadows most. It looks a bit like running chicken to me! It was also interesting to see shadows of Henry Moore among the sculpture. It was probably impossible not be influenced by Moore if you did sculpture in UK in the last century.

Running bird

My space looks like this.

My space

Waiting for the next bang II (Sold)

Empress ( Sold)
And all little rabbits were gone.

Now all went to loving homes! (sold)


  1. Looks like the new year is treating you well Midori.......

    Best wishes!

    1. Thank you, Ruby. Someone working in financial market said 'The harder you work, the luckier you get'. It is my motto! : )

    2. Bravo for your motto, it's true.

      Great exhibition ! Your space looks nice :) Good luck !

    3. Thank you, Ilona. The gallery told me both exhibition and my work have got good feedback. That's nice to hear! : )