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Sunday, 19 January 2014

My new work - masks

Hello everyone. We feel better and better every day. I started enjoying dog walk rather than treating it as a chore. That's a good sign of recovery.

Because of the virus, I didn't have time to share my newest work. I made most of them for my Etsy shop. They are smaller than my other masks. First I made this 'Forest boy' mask for a lovely artist.

Forest boy (sold)

Then I wanted to make a girl. This is Forest girl. I am so happy the way her hair came out. I have for the first time used shiny glaze, oribe on hair , and love it. It shows the texture beautifully 

Forest girl

Forest girl - side view
 This is Water girl. I must say her hair was inspired by seaweed in water and her face by a round sweet fish!

Water girl (Ponyo?)

Water girl - side view
Water boys are a bit larger than girls. I imaged Triton and Peter pan; an eternal boy.

Water boy

Water boy

It is interesting that all faces look different yet they are similar. Once I was told by an artist client.  I don't use any moulds. I handbuild each one.  So all my work are original and unique. It is not 'productive', but that's not the point. I love and enjoy making each one the way it appears. I have dialogue with each character. They tell me something I don't know. It's a bit of a magic moment I take as a privilege. It's the joy of creation.    




  1. True, I find it quite magical when we converse with our creations and allow them to tell us their stories... It brings spirit into ones art, no wonder your work is so lively and vibrant.. greetings to your beautiful water children from the water boy in my sketch book :-)... Wishing you a quick recovery.

    1. Thank you, Hussam. It is so lovely to share similar experience with you! It is absorbing and almost a trip to another world. Thank you, we are rececovering well. We will take it easy this week. : )