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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

White whippets and new greeting cards

Hello everyone. Last night I loaded the kiln and started glaze-firing. The kiln reached about 600C this morning, and finished firing about 1:30 in the afternoon. I can only open it tomorrow morning, so it is an official off-day for me. I had a couple of desk jobs I was planning to do, but ended up doing other things including listing new work on my Etsy shop. : )

There are currently two white whippets in my shop. I tried a shot with my new mini tripod the other day. I feel she looks a bit seductive! What do you think?

Whippet with cross legs. 

She has white slip with clear glaze. It is an experimental finishing. You can see her here.

This one is a little one. Its glaze became a bit thick, so she looks a bit chubby. Her listing is here

Little whippet

I have also listed a couple of greeting cards of my popular work. It is my new adventure. Last month, I made several designs, but hadn't had time to list them in my shop until now. They are printed by my trusted MOO. They come with white envelopes and cellophane bags. They are blank for your own lovely personal messages! I will list all designs eventually. Oh, Ice Baby is not in the photo, but he is in my shop. £2.75 each. : ) 

New greeting cards!
Lastly here are the peek in the kiln.

Lower shelf
A funny thing was that as soon as owls went into the kiln, the studio felt quiet. They have presence!

Top shelf
 I had taken a couple of photos during firing.

Heat in the kiln

Kiln thermostat,  1221 C.  That's 2230 F.

I hope they all come out safely tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed.

And I also hope I can sleep tonight. I was staying up until two in the morning. My enemy, sleeping problem is back.

So I am catching up with jobs for my little shop recently. I have also returned to the financial market in the morning. I was thinking that this year would start quietly, but it doesn't feel like! That's good for me!


  1. What a sweet greeting cards ! Thanks for idea :)

    I hope you slept well last night ?

    1. Thank you, I finally did! : ) I am excited about my first paper venture! : )

  2. Hello Midori,
    It's been so long since I've visited....so lovely to see your work again. Your whippets are just lovely.