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Monday, 28 July 2014

Were-rabbits and Whitstable Oyster festival

How was your weekend? I had another productive weekend. I made two giant rabbits, were-rabbits. You can see how large they are in comparison with my ordinary large rabbit in the third photo! When I added eyes to the taller one last night, I burst into laughing because he looks so goofy! They will be going to Cecilia Colman Gallery, London.  If you are interested in a giant one, please let me know. I can make any size as far as it fits into my kiln. :D These two should be about 15.5-16.5 cm tall after firing.


We are goofy giants. 

Hello my giant cousin! 

Sunday morning, Mike and I popped into the next town, Whitstable to see my friend, Angela Malone's exhibition. She is showing her work with three artists. Her drawings are beautiful and sensitive. We enjoyed the visit.

It was also in the middle of the Oyster festival in Whitstable. We had a good stroll.

A full of cuties

A doggie dress with a canary belt, anyone? 
Talking of doggies, there are always lots of dogs in Whitstable. 

This greyhound was sad because his mistress was trying on lots of hats. He wanted to go home and sleep! 

This border terrier was looking up his mistress eating crepe, later on.

This shop had a queue for oysters. Whitsatble is famous for oysters!

Oyster bar!

At seafront, I saw this lovely neat bonsai rock garden.

Are you tempted now? Whitstable is about 15 minutes by car from Canterbury. The sea is usually grey due to mud, but there are lots of people enjoying wind surfing, boating and yachting. There are lots of independent shops catering for Londoners who come to stay in their second homes. If you go to Seasalter, which is just along the coast, there is a gastro pub, the Sportsman with a Michelin star. It is casual, friendly and lovely!  

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