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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Ceramic Art London part 2

On Saturday, we came by train. We were up before five, and I was printing new labels by six! We had a good nap in the train. When we arrived at the Royal College of Art, there was already a queue.

Saturday was very busy again.

A lovely lady greeted me in Japanese. She is Kim Dukhee, a Korean ceramic artist living in Japan. Her Japanese was much better than my rusty Japanese! She has just finished her exhibition in Tokyo and she and her partner flew in to see the show. Amazing! She is very feminine and sweet, and she chose figures just like herself. A lucky anteater and Angel with flowers flew to Japan.

Angel with flowers - sold
Then this rabbit went to a lovely gentleman. The rabbit has attracted quite several galleriests' attention. The gentleman was such a nice person. I told him that he is Japanese rabbit; the one in folklore and Japanese myth. He asked if he had a name. No name. Just Rabbit. But I think he will find the name of the rabbit. I thought they suit to each other. I was so happy for them. 

Rabbit sold
Next, we met the Anteater lady. She has been on Anteater waiting list for a few months. But at the show, she found her special one. The large one and medium one went to her loving home. I am so glad for all of them! After this, I offered my pet anteater. I brought him with me just in case. And he has gone, too. Now I'm pet-less. So I will need to make one for myself, soon!

Giant anteater and her baby! -sold

A nice couple came in late afternoon, and they fell in love with Out of Sorts - Blues. How wonderful! He is one of my tallest sculptures, about 53 cm tall.  I wrapped her very well. She went off to their loving home by car in Knightbridge. How cool is that! He promised that she will be loved. I knew she would be!

Out of Sorts -Blues -sold
Just before the sale of Out of Sorts, I sold a tiny wren to a gentleman. So literally I catered for customers looking for ceramic art of a minuscule to a great size. :D

Sunday we sold loads of smaller pieces. They went like hot cakes. It was an amazing unforgettable weekend. A dozen of friends came, and I met several people I have known for a while on Twitter. It was a great pleasure to meet them. I have also met an Etsy customer. How nice! We have also made good friends there; both customers and exhibitors. 

A lovely lady who has already got my little rabbits from a gallery cleared up the remaining Tapirs and owl. The large tapir is the about 20cm long, my largest ever tapir. Tapir mother and baby went with him! How nice!

We always enjoy shows and fairs. I am very serious when I create my works. As you know, I fire my works until I am satisfied; it could be twice or seven times! It is intense and frustrating. Quite dark and edgy! Compromise is not in my dictionary. But I enjoy shows; talking to people, listening to what they say and talking about art are all fun! Telling customers about the young anteater we saw in a zoo was my favourite time! We laughed a lot. Mike enjoys more than I do! Thank you so much, everyone. You made our weekend!

I forgot to show my stand. Here it is. I was not able to take good photos due to the spotlights, but you can see what it was like. : )

Next, I will share the pics of my neighbours and artists we made friends with! 

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