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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Numerous firings and still more!

What a week! I'm battling through numerous firings, glazing and re-glazing. 11 hours a day is normal now. This time I have two large masks; each fills the kiln itself. Both will need refiring. This is causing delay and agony. Time is running out, and one of them probably wouldn't make it.

After the first glaze-firing
 More bisque-firing to do.

Lower shelf

Top shelf
They were so close to top!

Wolf got bisque-fired.

Then he went to glaze-firing.

His nose was also so close to top! 

After the first glaze-firing.

Another glaze-firing.

Wolf needs a repair, so he went to another bisque-firing. There are little birds around him!

Space is precious. There are little critters under him!

While I was in the long battle, Mike told me he saw beautiful anemone on the campus. I hope they will last long enough for me to see after the show. 


  1. what a busy time you are having... hope the firings go well.

    1. Madness here! Thank you, Anna. I think I will run out days! Shame!