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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Wonderful exhibitors I met at CAL

I have been busy packing, posting and planning. Unfortunately we both caught Tonsillitis. It has been so chilly here for April. Not serious, but I've been on Lemsip since last Friday!

Today I'm going to share some photos of the wonderful exhibitors I met at CAL.

Eric Hibelot, Cool Dude

Very French and very contemporary! His stand reminded me of Centre Pompidou! He is such a cool dude. Everyone loves him! I do! His friends are also so lovely, too! I bought a pair of his spoons and gave Mike them as a gift, He loves them. He said 'Wow, so French!' :D We haven't used them yet, as we are still surrounded with boxes! But once we get our sanity and order back, we would enjoy them with our demitasse cups!  

Eric, the cool dude

Jack Doherty - Jack, Susan and beautiful pots 

My left neighbour was Jack. His works are so beautiful that everyone seemed to be pulled into the stand! I was also so impressed with the carefully designed set-up. Everyone seemed to want one or two of his works. Our friend Alan Emsden and Elaine got two cups, and we got one vessel, which, I thought, would be perfect for Ikebana in the summer. Susan is such a lovely lady! I had a good chat now and then.  

Jack and Susan

Jo Davies
My right side neighbour. She is a cool girl. She lives in a narrow boat, which is not so narrow, she said! She is always calm. Her modern design of tableware and lamps looked so nice there! Lovely flowers made her stand so alive!

Anna Lambert

Anna is out friend, print maker, Tessa Pearson's sister.  Her works are beautiful and tender. They bring the countryside to London. All those little birds are delightful! Her lovely partner Dave and their daughter Hester, the cool Physics girl, helped Anna all of the time. How nice!     

Fenella Elms

Fenella is full of joy and fun! Do you know the film Amelie? She reminded me of the character. Her detailed elegant works looked so beautiful. We had enjoyed a good view from our stand. I asked how long it takes her to make one of the pieces. Several weeks. Not surprising. I'm a beige-ivory-taupe girl myself, so I was naturally attracted to her works, but also her lovely clothes, too! We also met her husband and daughter on the last day. She has geese!  

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