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Monday, 20 April 2015

Ceramic Art London part1

We had a great time at Ceramic Art London. We met wonderful people, we had great fun and amazing sales. Thank you so much for those who came, who purchased my works, who supported from farther afield, re-tweetd, liked and commented. You really rock!   

All usual suspects had gone by the end of the show; Anteaters, Tapirs, Polar bears, Owls  and Doves. Most blackbirds had flown away. Little chubby rabbits have hopped away.

As we were selling larger pieces of works quickly, we brought new stock on both Saturday and Sunday to avoid empty spaces. My stand was very close to the entrance. I am sure that helped. I was also surrounded by wonderful talented artists  (I will share pics of their stands later), so that helped, too! How lucky I was!

There was loads of desk work to do today. We woke up at 5, but kept going with several cups of black coffee, really strong ones. I had received a few orders online, so I packed them and posted them to a lovely ladies, too.

We're still on adrenaline. But I hope we will be back to normal tomorrow. Poor Mike had to go back to work in the afternoon, as it is a busy week for him. But we took our dogs to a little woods to see Bluebells late morning. That was lovely!

As for large works, here are a few pics of sold works at PV and on Friday. Freedom of speech, my baby I protected from the fall, went to Cool Dude, Eric Hibelot, Wonderful French ceramic artist.

Freedom of Speech - sold

As for larger pieces, at the start of PV, Freedom of Speech was claimed by wonderful French ceramic artist, Eric Hibelot. Do you remember I fell from the chair and hit the head to protect him?  I put a red dot as he would be collected at the end of the fair. Eric came every evening to say 'Good bye, my baby!' before he left the building. How lovely is that! He is warm, funny and so natural! I'm his fan! I got two of his porcelain spoons for Mike. (I will also share the pic later)

Into the woods - Sold

Into the Woods went to a lovely Irish lady first in the morning on Friday. She flew in for the show. My mask flew back to N. Ireland with her in the afternoon. Amazing! I carefully wrapped him. I hope he traveled safely!

Princess of Noisette - Sold

Then, a lady customer from Teddington chose Princess of Noisette. I am a bit attached to her, so I was so happy that she is going to live with the nice lady. 

Next to go was Forest Girl-Primavera to a family with a lovely new born baby girl.
Angel - sold

Then Angel with crown went to find a lovely lady's loving home.

Dog - Sold

The wall became a bit bare, so I arranged a bit and hang Dog mask. Soon after that, a lady who bought a sleepy owl came back 'just to check' before leaving. She pointed the Dog, and said it wasn't there. I explained. She said 'It must be the fate.' I nodded. They went back to her home together. It was already after six. 

What a day! 


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