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Sunday, 5 July 2015

In the mean time...

The glaze firing was ok, but most masks needed another firing. That's on now.  I'm still struggling; it's the tonsillitis! It is back! I'm resting very well today. I hope I feel better soon!

Today I will share some recent photos!

Daisy playground

Box making

The mask went to t a lovely lady in the US.

Pocha was wrapped up!
Two weeks ago, we went to see Grayson Perry at Turner Contemporary, Margate. It was very good! I loved one of prints best.

At Turner contemporary. we both played the cymbals! 

despite the warmth, dogs are coping well in their own way.

Evening walk
Pearl the whippet usually cries for a blanket, but she sleeps like this now! :D

Where is my navel? 


  1. All the little critters look so happy in your garden.
    Love Pearl's sleeping position!
    Have you seen a doctor about your tonsillitis? I went through that, sore throat slight fever; it would go away and return until I finally went to the doc. I had strep, which evidently presents in many different ways. Just be careful and take care.
    Toes crossed that you are enjoying a good summer!

    1. Thank you, Suzi. I am resting today. And I hope I feel better soon. But if it persists, I would see a GP. : )We both had it in late April, and took about 3 weeks to get rid of.

  2. Oh no! I do hope that you feel better soon. Tonsillitis is a real drain. And a fever in hot weather does seem worse than in winter. The dogs are so cute! Hugs to you. x

    1. Thank you, LeeAnn. I would be ok. My immune sytem is not working too well recently. : )