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Monday, 25 January 2016

Lots of tapirs, a whippet and an aardvark!

I have been busy posting new critters from the previous firing. Thanks to Royal Mail, all packets have been safely arriving.

There are lots of tapirs! Large, small and tiny. She is a large baby for a special lady.

Tapir baby
Tiny babies were all snapped up from my shop before I had a chance to tell you about them.

Tiny babies

Also a big family of tapirs have gone! All Large and Small tapirs are on commissions. I will list Tiny ones on Etsy when I make oorders. Next will be in early autumn.
A family of tapirs
I had also made one lying whippet for a lovely lady.


And here is Otto, the aardvark. A nice lady has commissioned me to make an aardvark. She loves them so much that she even went in their enclosure at the London Zoo on her birthday.  I have never met them in person but I liked their look. The lady is very pleased how he came out. How nice! He is a character!

Otto, the Aardvark
He is a character!


  1. You busy bee! And I'm glad the tapirs are still doing so well. I'm not surprised though, they are lovely:)

    1. It has been hectic this month, Laura. I had only the first 3 days off. Tapirs have been popular. They are fun to make! Thank you! : )