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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Apple and cherry blossoms and enamelling ceramics

Hi, everyone. We have had stormy weather recently. Lots of rain and strong wind. I am happy to stay inside on such  days. But if you have canine friends, as we do, you just brave yourselves to dash out between rains. On the day like this, I would meet more dog walkers than usual. Obviously everyone thinks same.

However, suddenly this afternoon, the sun appeared. We had a bright, albeit windy, afternoon here in Canterbury. Our apple blossoms opened, and eating cherries also blossomed. Despite recent strong wind and torrential rain, they held on to it.

Apple blossoms in the garden. Can you spot a little spider?

Eating cherries

Last Monday, Mike drove me to the post office at lunch time. This post office has only a few parking slots, so just in case, I ask Mike to come with me. On that day it was also rainy; I hope they all travel sound and safe!

This is one of ceramic works I fired for enamel. I enamelled her eyes. They look more defined than before. I like her look.

'Malta Kano' from Haruki Murakami's novel

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