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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Yunomi, new cup & saucer design and tulips

Hello Everyone. We had a sunny day in Canterbury. We saw on the news that Scotland and northern England had snow and storms! What a difference! I hope you are alright. Our lily flowered tulips opened this morning. I used to be a bulb fanatic, and have grown lots of unusual bulbs; some from seeds. But tulips have been my all time favourite.

Lily flowered tulips
I wamted to show you my new pots today, First one is a Yunomi for my friend, Anne. It was commissioned. I am very happy with the result. Glazes came out very beautiful.

  I have also a cup and saucer sample to show you.

My new cup and saucer
I would like to develop a coffee set. I am still exprimenting with the design and how the glazes act to the shapes. When I used to be interior designer at Tokyo, I would search for 'the right' items for clients for days on end. Lots of catalogues and days of walking were often required. That was pre-Internet days, you know. So it is liberating to me that now I can design and make what I like, rather than relying on other people's design. 

Our dogs are not alllowed to be on furniture. They know it. So when I came to lounge, Pearl made herself slim and still, as if she became invisible. It is not easy to scold her.
I am not a dog, I am a piece of art.

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