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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

We ordered a kiln!

Hello everyone! A good news! We ordered a kiln! It is a small one that to be connected to main. We intend to power it from our solar power. This is exciting to both of us. My short term targets have been 1) to run a kiln on solar; 2) To run a car on solar. We are getting closer to achieve target 1! We also got 15% off offer. Even better!
Our kiln
Last night I decided not to go to London today. Instead, on Thursday I will go to see David Hockney RA: A Bigger Picture at Royal Academy of Arts. I saw some articles about it some months ago, and also read an interview to Hockney. I liked what I saw and read there. It has been a long time since I last visited RA, so I am really looking forwards to it. At this moment, I am planning to have a lovely lunch at their restaurant. A little treat to myself.
David Hockney at RA
So I have worked solid today. In UK, tomorrow will be the last day of this fiscal year. Hence I spent some time making my financial strategy, and doing a bit of sorting out. I need to look at it in detail again this evening. It is all worth it, and I actually enjoy doing it.

I made an elderly lady happy this morning. I was greeting to an old gentleman who had a heart attack last year, but luckily recovered very well. Then a lady approaching us said 'Hello!'. I said 'Oh! I thought you were a student!'. She laughed and bashed my shoulder quite hard. She has been a pensioner for a long time. I am terribly short sighted, but tend not to wear glasses for dog walks because I usually wear sunglasses.  Once a while, there is a good thing coming from my short-sightedness!

Mike is making a cheesecake with Pumpkin's eggs

Mike is baking a cheesecake, and Topaz is .... doing this!

Let me out and lick the cream pot!

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