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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Hidden talent, Japanese Bird Artist, Komatsuka Nae

At Affordable Art Fair at Battersea last month, one painting caught my eyes. This is a printed version given at the Gallery stall, Eyestorm. It is Polly Morgan's work, 'Myocardinal Infarction', 2011. According to the description on the back of the card, she learned taxidermy, and her works are well collected.

The reason why this caught my eyes was not only unusual subject, but also it reminded me of the little known Japanese artist I have seen and communicated Internet. She keeps two lovebirds and draws cartoons based on them. She was trained as the decorator of traditional Japanese porcelain, and had worked as a decorator in a traditional studio for 10 years in Kyoto. Now she makes her own ceramics.

She makes both tableware and decorative objects. She is a naturally talented illustrator. Here are some of her works I could show you. The birds she drew are animated, comical and vivid. 
Copyright: Komatsuka Nae

Before firing
Copyright: Komatsuka Nae 

Budgerigars dishes
Copyright: Komatsuka Nae
African Grey Copyright: Komatsuka Nae 

Her illustrations are really good. I am a fan of her illustrations. I could detect the influence of Japanese comics in her drawings, She even made short stories.

From her story Copyright: Komatsuka Nae
She has also created an unusual character, Okan-Khamen(above).It is a parrot who looks like a pharaoh. It has become a sort of a cult among a small number of enthusiastic fans.
 Copyright: Komatsuka Nae

Copyright: Komatsuka Nae
She is going to launch her solo exhibition in Kyoto next month.

Komatsuka Nae Facebook:  http://facebook.com/komatsuka
Blog(Japanese): http://penguin10.exblog.jp/
Website:  http://www.wombat.zaq.ne.jp/penguin10/

I have just received a postcard from Komatsuka, Japan

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