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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Our ceramics session on a rainy Saturday

Hi everyone! It has been raining all day. The good news is that our blackbird chick has survived. He is a bit wet, but he follows dad and mum, and copies what they do. I hope he will soon learn how to find his own food.

We did ceramics in the afternoon. Mike threw three bowls. I made a girl's head. I found old photo albums on the book shelf last night. Well, they have been always there, but I forgot about them for years. I found lots of photographs of me and my friends in The University of Kent when I was a post-graduate.

Wow, I was surprised how young we looked at that time. So long time ago, I had forgotten! lol The one of the photos caught my eyes. My friend and I were sitting on my bed in my room on campus. We look young and pretty, but also a bit uncertain. At that time my friend was studying Viola da Gamba at Conseratoire Royale de Brusells. I was here at UKC. We didn't know what was waiting for us after schools. In fact, we were both mid-20's, but we both looked much younger, almost girls. I wanted to make us as models. Something is our faces attracted me, especially as I knew what happened to us after this photo was taken. Also recently, I joined facebook to 'meet' my old high school friends in Japan, whom I haven't seen for a long long time. Talking with them reminded me of lots of memories. That's why I probably picked up the photo albums to begin with.

So this sounds like a sentimental journey, but modelling isn't. I like to express two young women's anxiety and unawareness of their fates as well as the beauty of youth in a complex way. It is a challenge, but I would love to try.



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