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Friday, 27 April 2012

Bluebells and a view to Canterbury Cathedral

Hello, everyone. It has been bright today. How was your week?  Ours was fantastic. Lots of flowers opened, despite the weather. Mike's vegetable seedling germinated. My three veltheima start opening flowers for the first time in four years. I grew them from seed, and usually wilted before flowering.

Mike took a camera with him today. He wanted to take photos of falcons and bluebells. On Friday a falconer and his beautiful bird visit in front of Mike's office, on campus. They come to scare seagulls and pigeons. But the falcon was not flown in the area this morning.

But bluebells are with us.
Bluebells on campus
It is breathtakingly beautiful and mysterious. There is usually nobody around. When weather is a bit better, I would sit on tree stump, and soak myself in the air. I could also believe that fairies exist. Air is filled with fragrance. It is dreamy.  

One of the best experience in UK for me is to be able to walk woods, and see bluebells, mushrooms, birds and butterflies. If you think it is nothing, you should reconsider. I am from Tokyo region of Japan, and I have never seen anything wild and beautiful like this over there. So whenever friends come to visit us at this time of year, I will take them to this little wood. It is only 4 minutes on foot from our house. What do you think they do? They will usually visit it again next day. It is so special and magical.
a carpet of bluebells
We can see the Cathedral from just outside of the woods. It is our local and national pride. Its history goes back to 597AD. University of Kent students go to graduation ceremony to the Cathedral. It was very thrilling and incredible experience.
Canterbury cathedral

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