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Monday, 16 April 2012

The St Pancras Renaissance - architecture

Yesterday was such a cold day. We needed winter coats again. Mike and I went to the National Gallery to see Titian's paintings. He has been one of my favourite painters. I love his vivid bright colours, and the drama. I couldn't miss this opportunity to see The Flight into Egypt, the first time exhibited out of Russia since 1768, and Diana and Callisto, the recent acquisition.

Our train arrived at St Pancras on time.
Without hesitation, we marched to Le Pain Quotidient for organic almond croissant and espresso. It is my strict routine! We could see blue sky through the glass roof!

Today we are going to take a bus to Trafalgar Square. I have always preferred riding busses to tube because I could enjoy London much better on the ground, also because I hate to walk to get tubes. My feet usually start getting tired by the time I get on the tube train. Roads are quiet on Sundays, so it is perfect for bus rides. 

A secret gate?
Funnily enough, we have never come out of this end of the St Pancras before. So when we saw the facade, our minds were blown away due to the magnificent architecture. It looked to me like a castle!

The St Pancras Renaissance is five-start hotel. I have seen its gorgeous interior in magazines before, but its exterior is as beautiful as inside. And massive! This is a wonderful part of London. You see old architecture packed with modern comfort inside.

The St Pancras Renaissance

You can go to the station through this arched entrance.
This is Hotel's entrance.

Detail, dragons

Detail - dragons nibbling lion's ears

To be continued.




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