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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Little chameleon, friend visit and cheesecake

Hello everyone. Did you have a good day? Mike checked out our new kiln to see if there were any apparent faults. He assured me that everything is ok. Out first full test will be next weekend if the weather permits.

Our little kiln
I have been busy with packing of our ceramics. Unlike some other items, it is so important to pack them securely. I take the utmost care, and there was no accident so far (Touch wood!). but I am aware of that this is one of the most important process indeed.

This morning, I found a very nice lady in US who bought my medium sized chameleon, named now Griffin, about a month ago purchased my little one at Etsy. I was, of course, so delighted, but when I read her mail and feedback, I was deeply moved. Thank you very much, Sandra. I am going to print it and frame it. I always appreciate feedbacks. Direct feedbacks are one of the two missing things in Internet sales. The other is of course that the customers can't touch our ceramics. I read each of them either through Etsy or eBay carefully, and treasure them. I am certain that all other artist/craft people sellers are same. Feedback from our customers are the drive for us to create something new again.

This little chameleon is leaving for USA tomorrow.

Coincidentally, we invited a retired artists couple for tea today. They bought my largest chameleon at the Artists' Open House andthey named him 'Jubjub' and they also bought a little 'Son of Jubjub' last weekend. They are so inspirational. They have given me lots of advice, and I appreciate every word from them. They commissioned me to make a large chameleon. I am very keen to work on it. Our tea time was so relaxing, yet, filled with stimulating conversation. We love having them so much.

We served out cheesecake that we baked yesterday. It was well received.
Our cheesecake

Cheesecake recipe (Dia. 18cm cake tin)

This cheesecake is taster after one or two days in the fridge.


Tea biscuits 50g
Butter 35g
Cream cheese 250g
Sugar 40g
Eggs 2
Vanilla essence

Sour cream 285ml
Sugar 40g
Vanilla essence

Line a cake tin with Greaseproof paper.

Make the base from tea biscuits ground finely and 50Gof melted butter mixed together with well, pat down evenly into the cake tin.

Mix 250g of cream cheese, 40g of sugar, two eggs and some vanilla essence and beat for a couple of minutes until very light then pour into the cake tin. Bake at 180C for about 20-25 mins. You can add some raisins soaked in rum at this stage.

Allow to cool and then mix 285ml of sour cream, 40g of sugar and some vanilla essence and beat for a couple of minutes then pour into the cake tin. Bake at 150C for 10-15 mins.


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