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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Girl's head, bluebells, blackbird chick and the book I always wanted to buy.

Hi everyone. This morning, I have worked on a female model I was talking about yesterday.In order to take photographs, I used this little vase. I like it! This could be a source of my new work!
I like this composition.

Mike has thrown more bowls and he turned three of them this evening. They look good.
Mike's bowls

Every rain eventually stops. Ours stopped this afternoon. We went to see bluebells on campus with our dogs, Pearl and Topaz.
Bluebells after rain
That was a mistake. They found a bunny and started barking very loud! So I went to see flowers alone whilst Mike held them somewhere else. They are so beautiful. There are usually faint scent, but there wasn't today. It might be because of the heavy rain.
Our blackbird chick

There is a good new today. I was reunited to the book I have wanted to buy since the day I saw it in The daily Telegraph three years ago. Unfortunately, I misplaced the information and couldn't find it nor search for it on Internet neither. The lovely artist couple I visited this afternoon showed me some books I might be interested in. Imagine my surprise. 'I know it! I have always wanted to buy the book, but lost the details!'. It is called 'Natural Fashion, Tribal Decoration from Africa' by Hans Silvester(2007 Thames & Hudson).

As the title suggests, it is the photograph book of body decoration of African people. They are very artistic. The first time I saw the article on it, I was deeply fascinated. I will get an order from Amazon tomorrow. I can't wait for it arrive!

Alison is a very good at baking, as well as lots of other things. She treated me with wonderful cheese scones. I love cheese scones. They are my most favourite at tea time. I was also given some lovely chocolate cup cakes and cheese scones for Mike, as well. Of course, Mike was delighted. She promised to give me a recipe. It would be lovely to reproduce her taste at home!

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