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Monday, 2 April 2012

A gig, music vs ceramic, and my post dog.

Hello Everyone! Did you have a good weekend? We have had a busy, but nice one.

We went out for a little gig Saturday night. Beverley Craven. Do you know her? I didn't. Mike used to listen to her a long time ago. So I went with him to the Gulbenkian theatre at UKC, the University of Kent, three minutes by car from our house. 

Her voice is beautiful. Even when she talks, there is a ringing tone. I liked her voice very much and totally enjoyed a couple of hours there. I couldn't imagine she has just hit the road again recently, after a long time off. She had a saxophonist called Frank. He was good too. Although a couple of times, I wondered if his lung would cope, but it did.
Cancer survivor

Her songs are highly emotionally charged. She has had happy moments and sad moments in her life. She made songs from her all these experiences. She told us a short story about the song she was going to sing; 'This song is about a bloke, who broke my heart', or 'This is about my girlfriend who dumped me when she found a boyfriend'. Each story was a bit funny and a bit sad.

On one old song, she said that she wanted it to be a la Sade (I have been a big fan of her for years), but her producer arranged it in a more upbeat way. So she now sings the way she initially wanted. Her voice is too 'sunny', I thought, to express Sade's smokiness.

I wish all success and a good luck to Miss Beverly Craven. I definitely go to her gig again when she comes back to Canterbury.

Rabbit in a bunny suit ver.2

Music and ceramics

This reminded me of my experience at Artists' Open House last October. I kept telling visitors a background story on each work. (They loved to hear them!) My works were inspired by my observation of people and the nature. I see the world in a slightly different way from others. I like to show how I see it. You won't see my raw emotion there in my works. But Beverly and late Amy Winehouse among other great singers write their raw feelings into songs. When they sing, I feel as if they re-live the pain although Beverly Craven said that singing is a therapy. 

No wonder more singers die young than ceramists.  

Our posting day

Mondays has been our posting day recently. We post packets for eBay customers. I always take Topaz to the post office because Mike forbade me to take Pearl with me. He said she would be dognapped while she waits for me in front of the post office, but Topaz can be ok. (I'm glad Topaz doesn't understand English!) Crazy but very clever Topaz knows when I go to a post office, probably because I carry this bag.   
 My little post dog
She leads me to the post office. We cross two pelican crossings on the way. One of them has music for deaf people. She won't cross it until music starts. Clever, huh?

When I came out of the post office today, she was surrounded by small kids. They stared at her down in silence. When Topaz found me, she looked overjoyed to be able to free from these little gazes. But, one of the girls kept staring at her and me! while I was untangling her lead from a metal post. It was a bit spooky.( one day the kids are going to be my ceramic sculptures! )

I was going to take off tomorrow and visit Lucien Freud exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. I found that the nearest available tickets I can book online is for the 28th April! April has just begun yesterday! There would be 500 tickets available everyday, but the website warns that a queue should be expected. I don't queue. It is not what I do to spend my precious time. So I need to make Plan B.       

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