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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A Visit to Turner Contemporary at Margate

Ta-da! Mike was right! Tuesday after Easter holiday was sunny. I needed to work longer than I expected in the morning. So we headed off Turner Contemporary after a lunch with a glass of wine for me, instead of before lunch as we planned.

The road was clear. We parked in the middle of the town. It is a small parking surrounded by the back of the buildings. This sign amused me a lot.
Old Town Hall-17th century building

The building built in the same era
The current exhibitions are Turner and the Elements and Hamish Fulton: Walk.
I am not a big fan of Turner only because I like figurative paintings more than landscape. But I liked his oil paintings; dark clouds and stormy sea almost appear moving toward us, and light on them were beautifully painted. The cloud over us was also moving fast; wind was picking up. How appropriate to see Turner in his elements!

Hamish Fulton's works are very different. They consists of letters and straight lines. He walks from point A to B, usually a long distance. Then he makes posters about the walks. I just couldn't help wondering if all jars are lined up in a straight line facing toward the door in his fridge. I asked Mike what he thought about the works. I expected him to say something revealing of his inner self because he likes walks and he likes geometric patterns, more strairght lines than curves. But his thoughts were not much different from mine.  

'The Kiss' by Rodin

New look on the shop
We took a coffee break at the cafe. I had ice cream and espresso, Mike had a chocolate muffin and cappuccino. After that, we walked around the site.  

On the top of sea defence wall
Turner Contemporary and Tourist Information

After we came home I found the market board was mainly red. I ended up working until bedtime.

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