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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My favourite walk to the cemetery and Mike's baby vegetables

We are having a storm today, here in Canterbury. It has also rained this week. But we have had sunny spot last Sunday.
I love lime green new leaves!

Mike and I walked Pearl and Topaz to my favourite destination, the Cemetery. I like the tranquillity of cemetery, but also the architecture. It is inspiring and uplifting. Japanese cemeteries have spooky atmosphere. So it was a nice surprise to me to find English cemeteries so serene and beautiful.
The main gate tower

Beautiful Celtic cross
Mike had been busy with his vegetable seedlings. I used to grow some of them, but now he does everything.We like to eat lots of vegetables in summer, especially beans, peas, aubergines, courgettes as well as cucumbers. The intense taste of home grown vegetables are irreplaceable. 

Mike's seedlings


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