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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A walk through Canterbury to the studio

Hello everyone. I walked to the studio today. It was another glorious day. Very sunny with cool breeze.

Westgate garden - Great Stour

 Westgate garden has been open to public for about 600 years.  It is one of the oldest English parks.

I walked through two gardens. It takes five minutes longer than walking on the High street, but what a pleasure!

The office of the Lord Mayor

A gate to the garden behind

Backside of the building
When it is hot, people relax on the lawn.  Dogs were allowed on leads. This is the place Bargain Hunt often use for their end shoot when they come to the Canterbury auction.

I exit the garden from here.
This is the a back gate house.
The great Stour diverges to two in Canterbury. This is another branch of the river. This side used to have a couple of friaries.

I spent three hours in the afternoon and a couple of hours in the evening in the studio today. Disappointingly the chicken head I built doesn't look right on the body. So I will make the head from scratch again. I usually make smaller sculptures. When I make larger works, I have to change the building method, and that's when something could go wrong. It is a learning process, but still frustrating.

These two masks are finished, and waiting for the next bisque-firing. Yes, I made another cheeky rabbit and a mask inspired by a pot I made. : ) 

Cheeky rabbit with Topaz's ear tips

 I imagined if this vase were a human. : D


  1. Midori,
    Thankyou for letting me join you on that stroll through
    Wesgate garden !
    Sorry about the chicken head not looking right on the body ~ Pumpkin says she is more than willing to pose ;)

    1. My pleasure, Willow. It was pretty everywhere! I feel a bit dented, but it has to be right. Yes, Pumpkin gives me inspiration! : )

  2. Canterbury looks really beautiful in your photos, I would love to visit one of these days. Wish you success with bisque firing the masks! :)

    1. Do visit Canterbury on a sunny day in summer! ; ) It is old and beautiful. I love the history in the city. Thank you, I hope it goes well! : )