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Friday, 12 July 2013

How to slim down overweight chicken

Hello everyone. Yesterday I tweaked my back when I carried my test piece chicken. I made it as a practice piece, so I didn't bother to make walls thin.  But then, when I unwrapped it yesterday, it looked appealing. So I decided to fire it, and when I moved it, my back gave a little cry. When I woke up this morning the twinge was still in my back. Then I thought something is wrong here. I should be able to lift my sculpture (about 70 cm high) without hurting my back. So first I did in the studio today was, scrape the surface to make it lighter!

Here is how I did it.
It was a bit too dry. This is only half dust! 
What a mess! When I asked for a kitchen size serrated knife to Jane, she gave me this garden saw!  It's a bit dangerous.

'Out of sorts - test' became like this. Now I can carry it without hurting my back

I also changed some feathers; two were removed and one changed directions.

Light weight version!
In the meantime, the real one was decorated. Using underglaze and vitreous glaze, I made some sgraffito.

Jazz feeling!

Good news! The chameleon was successfully fired. I will enamel-fire eyes and she will travel to Australia next Monday. I will show you once the enamel is done.

Schools in England closed for summer holiday today. Traffic on the way home was light. We have harvested runner beans. Mike cooked pasta with runner bean tomato, bacon and garlic sauce. Delicious! Beans taste much fresher from the garden. : )  More beans and peas to come. Courgettes are doing well, too! Aw, it's summer!


  1. I am curious as how you are keeping the chicken sections together without them falling off?

    home grown is so good, we have been cloudy and rainy here for weeks, strange summer weather

    1. Hi, Linda. All parts are attached, securely, I hope! : ) Oh, you are having English summer there! ; )

  2. I see that curious chicken look . The errant feathers DO look a bit like my Frizzle chickens, I like it . It is coming right along now isn't it ! Careful taking it to the kiln ;)

    1. Thank you, Willow. I took Mike to the studio this morning, and he carried her into the kiln. Now she is going to dry there. Once she has been bisque-fired, it will become lighter. So I hope I could cope! : )

  3. I really like the changes you made to the real chicken sculpture. The broken edges add an extra dimension, and make an interesting reference to egg shells perhaps. :) Hope your back is feeling alot better by now.

    1. Hello Mark. Yes, I thought it looks like three eggs, and broken egg shell is what I imagined. Also mini-chicken inside is referencing to the head as an egg in a way. I loved the crazy face ; ) Thank you. My back is better now. I had better practice lifting! : )